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Upstairs & Downstairs Bathroom Sprays + Open Plan Living Spray (2 x 100ml + 200ml) 2000 spritzes!

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This is the ideal odour eliminator combination for your Living spaces, Downstairs toilet, and Upstairs bathroom!

The new Oderase Open Plan Living Odour Erasing Spray is a Fragrance Free Room Spray that is an effective air freshener and fabric refresher.

It’s ideal for an open plan kitchen; you can spray it on fabric sofas, cushions, curtains and rugs that absorb cooking or pet smells, and as an air freshener to clear the air after cooking.

It’s incredibly effective even on fish, onion and curry odours, and because it’s Fragrance-Free it restores the air to its fresh, clean, natural balance.

The Oderase Bathroom Odour Erasing Spray is an air freshener spray that is so effective it clears bathroom smells without any need for fragrance, leaving no tell-tale fragrance or bad smells behind!

Our products are fragrance-free, non-propellant aerosol, and approved by Allergy UK.

200ml Open Plan Living spray bottle + 2x 100ml bathroom bottles.

Up to 2000 spritzes in total!

For information on our carefully selected ingredients and how to get the best use from this product, please see the 'About Oderase' page on this website